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Who We Are

We are an award winning creative agency specialising in digital integrated marketing communications and prominence management across a variety of industry sectors. We currently have offices in London, Paris and Barcelona which offer our premium bespoke capabilities to the European market.

What We Do

We offer a range of specialist professional services such as Digital Content Marketing, Prominence Management, Strategic Communications, Journalism & Copy Writing / Editing, SEO, Social Media Management and Creative Direction. We also liaise with and are affiliated with top international industry professionals.

How We Do it

Our creative methodology is based on a philosophy of ¨Imagination Constitution¨ which integrates our ideology, holistic values and innovation into our strategic communications campaigns so that they reach a divergent audience base in a distinctive and captivating manner across an international, digital platform.


Imagination Headquarters was formed by journalist and entrepreneur Charles Daniel McDonald (Fellow of the Chartered Institutes of Marketing & Management) in 2006.

We are a dynamic strategic communications and prominence management digital marketing agency. We have proven results for a variety of industry sectors.

We have gained a reputation for innovation and creativity within the industry through our concepts and results. We provide solutions, not excuses.

Our approach is based on the philosophy of ¨Imagination Constitution¨ which is built on innovation and strategic communications which are distributed to a divergent audience base in a captivating manner.

Imagination Headquarters is not so much an identity as it is a culture, a dynamic world with its own values and ways of working.


We offer a range and depth of innovative solutions to create and enhance market place presence opportunities for our clients from our knowledge of ¨what actually works.¨

Our aim is to provide high profile digital communications, prominence management and marketing campaigns across Europe and beyond.

We operate with a passionate commitment to provide and produce the finest artistic production with conscionable logistics and creative design.

We believe that viral engagements are the closest elucidation approach to three dimensional marketing and human interaction.


We look upon our campaigns as a series of actions with corresponding verbs.

Through the understanding of these actions, texts and images we can provide an innovative and unified solution to each facet of this intricate puzzle.

We believe that there is a structure of consequence for this human interaction which is dervived from the experiencing of happenings and occurances.

  • Experience
  • Actions
  • Descriptions
  • Verbs
  • Actions
  • Results

As a result to this we have engineered ¨Imagination Constitution¨ which reinforces our company ethos and can be defined as: